What is ColorCancer?

ColorCancer is the first program of the 501(c)(3) non profit Affect Change, Inc.. We launched at the University of Texas at Austin in August of 2011. Our main mission is to spread awareness, offer hope and encouragement, and raise funds to support cancer related community events and causes.

What do we do?

Our motto is “Every cancer has a color. Every color has a story.”

Each cancer is represented by a color, much like pink represents breast cancer. Below is a full list of cancers and their corresponding colors:

One of the ways we fundraise is by selling shirts in the colors corresponding to the cancers that have affected different individuals. These colorful shirts help bring awareness to all the different types of cancer that are being fought every day.

Where does the money go?

The money raised through the sale of these shirts, along with generous donations of those who believe in and support our cause, help us fund much need cancer research and supportive services. The funds also help us to expand our current outreach and programs.

Since we are so new, we currently work out of a donated office and are just searching for ways to get our message out to the community.

 We partner with cancer-related groups and offer a small token from each shirt sale, and we are constantly brainstorming on ways to spread our mission to a broader population. (Go to our We Support page to see what charities we supported last year)

How did ColorCancer start?

Check out How it All Started to read the incredible stories of Preston Nix and Jillian Domingue and the beginning of ColorCancer.